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hear ] the All Star Band


- they are Peter Bursch and regional distinguished musicians,
- a Rock Band with Big Band character,
- familiar songs in a new outfit,
- and of course the  [ Acoustic Nights ] with the exceptionally special atmosphere,



The "All Stars" for at home...



- the 'classic' project of the All Star Band.
- since 1992 yearly in the time before christmas in the Duisburger 'filmforum', with over 7.000 spectators..
- Music without big show elements.
- many 'acoustic dainties', from rock classics to current songs,
- two successfull live-CD`s and surprise guests of the local and non-local scene.
- Guests, e. g.: Till Hoheneder (Till & Obel), Jürgen von der Lippe, Bläck Fööss, Anne Haigis,  Purple Schulz, Frank Dietz,  u.v.a.


"Acoustic Nights": the actuel CD of the  All Star Band
- after the success of the first  CD 'The Six String Acoustic Nights' it was only a question for time till the second CD  production.

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The Band:

Dirk Blumhoff (bass)
Peter Bursch: (guitar, Sitar, voice)
Michael Dommers: (guitar)
Tom Dudda (bass)
Heinz Hox: Akkordeon
Holger Karen (guitar)
Anja Lerch (voice)
Jürgen Magdziak (keyboard, voice)
Nippy Noya (percussion)
Ralf Neuhaus (Drums)
Jan Rohlfing (drums)
Birgitt Theiss (voice)
Carsten Scheunemann: (Sax, flute)
Jörg "Shorty" Timm (voice)
Stefan Werner (voice)
The guests .... some times with it:

Jupp Götz: Gesang
Ludwig Götz: Posaune
Carsten Scheunemann: Saxofon, Querflöte
Angela Frontera: Percussion
Till Hoheneder: Gesang, Comedie
Tommy Emmanuel: Gitarre
Helge Schneider: Orgel, Saxofon
Mani Neumann: Geige (Farfarello)
Jerry Donahue: Gitarre
Fritz Eckinger (N8schicht)
Jürgen Schuld: Percussion
Barney Brands: Accordeon
The scenery Marita Bursch
The next dates


The next dates are:

1. May 2004 in the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

31. May 2004, Fritz-Hensler-Haus in Dortmund u. a. with Tommy Emmanuel (Gitarrenfestival Dizzy-Fingers)

past projects of the  
All Star Band
10 years of  All Star Band  (2001)
Guest: Till

30 years Woodstock  (1999)
Guests:Fritz Eckenga, Helge Schneider, Randy Hanson, diverse

the  70th  (1998/99)
Guests: Duo Naseweiß, diverse

'Alles Hippie (Beatles/Stones evening)' (1997)
Guests: Piet Klocke, diverse

'Eric Clapton Abend' (1996)
Guests: Purple Schulz u.a.

'Ohn(e) Macht'
- Rock spectacle at the Duisburger Akzente 1994
Guests: Missfits u.a.

'Lieber lebendig als normal'
- Rock spectacle at the  Duisburger Akzente 1993
- Live in TV in 3-Sat
Guests: Kabarrettich, Stefan Stoppok, u.a.

'All you need is Love & Sex & Rock'n'Roll'
- Rock spectacle at the Duisburger Akzente 1992
Guests:Rocktheater N8chtschicht, u.a.

- Rock spectacle at the Duisburger Akzente 1991
Guests: Helge Schneider, Rocktheater N8chtschicht u.a.