Acoustic Nights


The 'Acoustic Nights' 2002 at the Landschaftspark

The 'Acoustic Nights' are the "classic" gigs under the "All Star Band" projects. Since 1992 yearly in the pre-christmas time the shows started at the 'filmforum' in Duisburg. In 2002 a new playground must be found becouse the 'filmforum' couldn´t be used any more. The new location was found at the Gebläsehalle in the
Landschaftsparks Nord ] .

Over 7.000 spectators could  expired the
'Acoustic Nights' life and the interested people extends constantly.

'Acoustic Nights', that´s music 'pur', without big show elements. With many  'acoustc dainties', from classic rock to actuell songs. In the meantime two successful Live CDs were produced. [ CD order ]

A fix part of the 'Nights' are the surprise guests from the  local and nonlocal scene.
Guests of the last years:  Till Hoheneder (Till & Obel), Jürgen von der Lippe, Bläck Fööss, Anne Haigis,  Purple Schulz, Frank Dietz,  a.m.m.

Here is a overwiev about the "Acoustic Nights" with infos and pictures:

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